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side b▓y side with these preoccupations were ot▓hers — the posthumous problems which Arnauti ●had been unable to solve and which Nessim

had be●en following up with true Orienta●l curiosity over a period of● years.He was now near to the man with the ▓black patch over one eye — nearer than any of u●s had ever been.Here was anothe▓r piece of knowledge which a▓s yet he could not decide how best to use.If● Justine was really ridding herself of him●, however, what good would there be ●in revenging himself upon the true person of t●he mysterious being On the other ha▓nd if I was about to step into the plac▓e vacated by the image … I asked Selim poi▓nt-blank whether he h

r ▓I’d become mere


ot himself these day▓s.’ Meanwhile my own fortunes had t●aken an absurd and unexpected turn.One ●nig

ht there came a banging on ▓the door and I opened it to admit the ▓dapper figure of an Egyptian Army o▓fficer clad in resplendent boots and tarb●ush, carrying under his arm a giant fly▓-whisk with an ebony handle.Yussouf Bey● spoke nearly perfect English, allowing it to● fall negligently from his lips, word b●y well-chosen word, out of an earne▓st coal-black face fitted with a dazzle of ▓small perfect teeth like seed-p▓earls.He had some of the en▓dearing solemnity of a talking water-melon ju●st down from Cam

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